27 Nisan 2008 Pazar

Air Conditioning - R22 - Rotary

Capacity range
Sanyo Kirby Mitsubishi Electric Capacity range (watts) Sanyo Kirby Mitsubishi Electric
1750-2000 KR5279 RM5475GTE8 KH111, KH117 3000-4000 KR4049 RM5516GTE8 RH197, RH207
2000-2500 KR5258 RM5485GTE8 KH122, KH127 4000-5000 KR5256 RM6520GTHE8 RH277, NH28
2250-2500 KR5257 RM5510GTHE8 RH135, RH154 5000-6000 KR4048 RM5524FTHE9 NH30, NH33
2500-3000 KR4418 RM5512GTHE8 RH165, RH173, RH185 6000-7000 KR5758 RM5526GTHE9 NH36, NH41

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suriya dedi ki...

Brilliant work - I really love the "Air Conditioning" designs and enjoyed reading your process. Thanks for sharing this. It's a great insight to what I am starting on at the moment too.Commercial Refrigeration
All the best.