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Air Conditioning - R22

Capacity range
Maneurop Aspera Kirby Tecumseh USA L’Unite Hermetique Copeland Mitsubishi Electric Daikin Carrier/ Carlyle Bristol
1.5-2.0 AE5462G AD5470E AK5483E JRE4-0075 RRDX-0102
2.0-2.5 AJ5483G AK5510E AK5511E JRRX-0100 RRXX-0075
2.5-3.0 J7228F AJ5510G AJ5512E AK5512E AJ5512E REWX-0100 REKX-0125
3.0-3.5 AJ5513E RRKX-0125
3.5-4.0 MT18JA J7231F AJ5513G AK5515E AJ5515E REBX-0150 RRHX-0150
4.0-4.5 J7238E AJ5515G AW5517E AJ5517E AJ5518E AJ5518E CRAX-0150 REYX-0175 RRJX-0175
4.5-5.0 J7240F AJ5516G AW5519E AJ5519E AB5519E AW5519E AJ5519E RRLX-0175 CRAX-0150 SRFX-0175 MX20 H20B193 H20B203
5.0-5.5 MT22JC H7246E AH5518G AW5520E AW5522E AB5522E AW5520E AW5522E AH5522E CRBX-0175 SRAX-0200 SRBX-0200
5.5-6.0 H7250E AH5520G AW5524E AB5524E AW5524E AH5524E CRCX-0175 CRDX-0200 SRCX-0200 CREX-0225 451V MX23 MX24, X24 H20B223 H20B243
6.0-7.0 MT28JE H7257E AH5523G AW5528E AB5528E AW5528E AH5527E SHRX-0200 SEHX-0200 SRDX-0225 460V MX27 MX30, X30 H20B263 H20B283
7.0-8.0 MT32JF H7265E AW5532E AV5532E AB5532E AW5532E AW5530E AV5532E AH5531E CRGX-0250 SRkX-0250 CRFX-0250 473V 1T55HF 1T55LF MX32 H20B313
8.0-9.0 MT36JG AV5538E AV5535E AV5538E CRHX-0275 CRJX-0300 478Y 1T55QF MX34, RX35 H23A383
9.0-10.0 H7283P AH5533G AH5540E AH5540E YEKX-0325 YRBX-0300 MX40 MX42, X39
10-11 MT40JH AV5542E AV5542E CRKX-0325 H23A423
11-12 MT44HJ AV5546E AV5546E TAG5546E CRLX-0350 YRCX-0350 510Y 1T55UF 2T55C PX46 H23A463
12-13 MT50HK 2T55F H23A543
13-14 MT56HK AG5553E AV5555E AG5553E AV5555E TAG5553E CRMX-0400 YRDX-0400 512Y 2T55FF 2T55H PX50, PX53 H23A563
14-15 AG5561F AG5561F TAG5561E CRNX-0500 YREX-0500 2T55HF 2T55L PX60 H23A623
16-17 MT64HM AG5568F AG5568F TAG5568E 514Y 2T55LF 2T55Q PX67
17-18 MT72HN AG5573E AG5573E TAG5573E 516Y 2T55QF PX77
18-20 MT80HP 2T55U/UF 3T55K
20-22 AN5590H AN5590G/H TAN5590H BREX-0750 519Y 3T55KF 3T55K H2NG094
22-26 MT100HS AN5610H AN5610G/H TAN5610H BRGX-0900 521Y 3T55NF 3T55R H2NG104
26-30 MT125HU AN5612H AN5612G/H TAN5612H BRHX-1000 523Y 3T55RF 3T55V H2NG124
30-35 MT144HV AN5614H AN5614G/H TAN5614H BRKX-1200 527Y 3T55VF 6T55CA H2NG144
35-40 MT160HW 6T55FA

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Mikes dedi ki...

Does all capacity range support the system? Can we use some other options integrated inside?

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Rain dedi ki...

that's also my question supposedly bro.because I'm going to install an air conditioning unit in my not so old car. But as of the moment I still have to rapaint it and change the seats inside.

John V. Bowers dedi ki...

Well, more like a graph and all I can do is look at the types there. But it would be great if it is like this though. http://waterdamagerestorationdallastexas.com/rmr-86-reviews/

Fred Lopez dedi ki...

This works just like the cooling that happens when water evaporates from your skin. The evaporator coil is filled with a special liquid called a refrigerant, which changes from a liquid to a gas as it absorbs heat from the air. http://waterdamagerestorationdallastexas.com/tag/where-can-i-buy-rmr-86/